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Here you can find the cleverest tips about garage door maintenance and ways to keep components in perfect condition

  • Cleaning with soap or detergent

    Cleaning with water is not enough since it does not totally remove dirt buildup on your garage door. Use mild soap or detergent specifically made for home cleaning, and then lather and wipe the garage door after rinsing off the dust and dirt. Then rinse off the soap or detergent after lathering.

  • Secure the opener well on the ceiling

    Most garage door openers are placed on the ceiling according to our professionals in Palatine and they secure on angle iron. Make sure bolts, brackets and nuts are all tightened and the angle iron made of firm materials to avoid vibration when the door is moving.

  • Lost Remote Controls

    It’s a huge problem if you have lost your garage door remote controls. Before you panic, check your car first if. If not, look inside your home. It is advised that you buy a backup remote so as to not worry if you have left the remote.

  • Protect Your Home with Functional Garage Doors

    You think that the garage door is there to protect your vehicle. The truth is it can also be an entry point for burglars. This is why experts at Palatine suggest securing your door or else you will have to deal with these problems.

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