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Just about anyone who owns a garage has or wants a garage door opener to open and close it.  It has become as essential to the home as a stove or a refrigerator In many peoples minds.  The end result is that someone is calling our Garage Door Repair Palatine to repair, replace, or install a garage door opener.  As the garage door opener specialists in the community our staff and crew has to be on their toes at all time.  Our garage door contractor in Palatine has earned a stellar reputation for garage door opener service because when the residents call; we are there to help them.  Of course we offer numerous outstanding garage door services but the need for garage door opener service is vast and wide open.Garage Door Opener

We are all committed to the needs of our clients. We consider our dedication as important as our expertise and customers can be sure of our overall professionalism. Our company cares to help people efficiently and this is one of the reasons why we have an excellent and experienced team. We take care of residential garage door problems and make sure all parts work properly and guarantee safe movement of the door. When your safety is questioned, our response is immediate. With our same day garage door repairs, we manage to fix problems at once. We also excel in overhead door maintenance and service openers with the same care. Our technicians are exceptional in all repair services and also great installers. We install parts and garage doors and pay attention to our accuracy to ensure their proper operation.

Top services, thorough maintenance by trained garage door techs

The garage door opener is that little box you see mounted on the roof of a garage with an automated garage door system.  That box may look small but it is not only the heart of the operation; but it is also one very heavy part.  It is not recommended that anyone less than a professional garage door tech attempt to install a new garage door opener.  As a garage door owner you want to be safe and you want the opener installed as per industry specifications.  Our garage door techs can do this for you and we typically do our best to provide same day service.  In addition, we offer emergency garage door repair service.  You can also get it 7 days per week.  Our garage door contractor in Palatine is there for you anytime.

One of the things that make our garage door opener service in Palatine so special is that we offer some of the best products in the industry like the:

    * Sears garage door opener
    * Chamberlain garage door opener
    * Craftsman garage door opener
    * Liftmaster garage door opener
    * Marantec garage door opener
    * Genie garage door opener

If you need garage door opener troubleshooting our techs will come out and pinpoint any problem your opener might be experiencing.

When you get a garage door opener you are opted to choose the type of drive motor you want in it.  You can choose from 3 drives:

    * Chain drive – if you are on a tight budget this is the way to go; that is if you can stand the noise. Chain drives have been around forever and they have always made a racket.
    * Screw drive – if your budget is not too tight then you might want to consider this drive.  It is not as loud as the chain but not as quiet as our next drive and is priced evenly.
    * Belt drive – now if you have money to splurge this is actually the way to go.  This drive will offer peace and quiet as long as you willing to pay the piper.

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