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The right service to get the garage functioning efficiently

We had just returned from a week-long trip spending the holidays at our home town, when the garage door refused to budge. Here we were with our entire luggage and things stuffed up in the car and to top it all, it was snowing heavily too. For a few minutes we were just stunned not knowing what to do.

Though we could get in through the main door, carrying the entire luggage via the main door was simply too much work for us. We were so tired from our trip that I refused to move the luggage through the main door. It is easier to get the things inside through the garage. Then my husband remembered the name of a garage door repair service that his colleague at work had recommended.

An expert tech arrived at our home

We dialed garage door repair Palatine and the friendly and courteous customer service took our complaint, promising that help would arrive soon. An expert tech arrived at our home in an amazingly short time, in spite of the weather conditions. He got a look at the door and soon found that the roller in the door was the culprit.

The roller had malfunctioned making the door inoperable. It took the tech only a few minutes to correct the roller and get the door opening again. He explained that the rollers and hinges should be checked regularly for wear and bends. It is the rollers and hinges present in the door that provide a smooth and quiet movement.

He also cautioned us that attempting the repairs with unauthorized or inexperienced service technicians can damage the whole door beyond repair and result in replacing the entire garage door set. Applying proper and genuine parts, while installing the door, or implementing repairs reduces the chances of the future complications.

We had a similar problem last year and the service guy we called did not do a good job. He took so much time on the job and was late to arrive. We had to cancel an outing we had planned because of the car being locked up in the garage. This time around we had no trouble with the service. They were prompt in replying and the service was swift. The best thing was that it did not cost and the service functions all the year round.

They also offer repairs for commercial settings too. We were fully satisfied with the service and the fair cost of the repair. The fast and efficient manner in which the service responded was much appreciated by us and we’re sure to recommend them to our friends and relatives.

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Case Story | The right service to get the garage functioning efficiently